What is it all about?

The Happy Mobility Survey is a household travel survey that aims to study the correlation between your personal happiness and different aspects of your day, like trips, activities or time of the day.

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How does it work?

We will ask you to install and run the FMSensing app on your
smartphone, and periodically log into this site to tell us more about your activities and travel.

Data collection

Data Collection

Install and run the FMSensing app on your smartphone. We will collect data about your travel and activities and the information will be sent to our secure servers.

Cloud processing

Cloud Processing

When the data reaches our server, it is processed in order to generate your travel segments and detect the location and time of the places where you stop, providing a more intuitive representation of the data collected by you.

Data verification

Data Verification

You will be able to see your activities and travel displayed on a map in a secured personal web page (your Activity Diary). Here, you will also be asked to respond to additional questions and provide details on your data.


Your Confidentiality

The Future Mobility Survey promises to protect your privacy. To see our privacy policy, click here.

How can I participate?


  to register and participate!

We will ask you to fill out a PRE-SURVEY,
install and run the FMSensing APP on your smartphone,
and periodically verify your ACTIVITY DIARY.


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